How long will it take to process my order ?
We offer express shipping with Purolator. We prepare orders throughout the week and ship on Tuesday.

Do you have shipping fee’s ?
You can expect most orders to have a standard 12.99$ shipping fee.

Which area do you deliver?
Across the Greater Montreal region.

Will I be able to track my orders with a tracking numbers ?
Yes, trough Purolator.

Why is Fermes Terra Agri not certified organic ?
We greatly value and adhere to organic farming principles, although we are not certified as such. The reason being that we are continuing to grow the herd and rely on outside breeding stock. We remain in close communication with certification bodies on how to overcome this and achieve certification.

Are your animals grass fed only ?
Our cattle are grass-fed and pasture raised. In the winter they get fed high quality dry hay and sillage. In the summer we practice intensive grazing, moving the cattle to fresh pasture every day. 

Are pesticides used in any part of the process ? (in food, on land, etc)
No pesticides or chemicals are used on our Ste-Marthe pastures.

What about sanitary standards ?
We use a fully licensed third-party facility for our slaughter, dry-aging, butchering, and packaging.
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: