About Us

Meet the Family! 
In 2018, Michael and Catherine purchased a 125 acre farm in Ste-Marthe QC with a deep desire to regenerate the landscape and produce the best quality beef possible. After some time spent restoring pastures and developing and growing a herd they launched The Main Farm, supplying grass-fed beef to local restaurants and consumers alike. Realizing the need to grow and relentlessly improve quality, in 2022 they joined forces with Fermes Terra Agri and their Award winning cattle program. 
Fermes Terra Agri is a burgeoning Simmental cattle breeding operation, run by Scott McCaig and Neil Cruise. With decades of farming and livestock experience, they ensure the farm follows a sustainable approach to producing high performing cattle.
Today, Fermes Terra Agri isn't simply a name - it is a promise. An honest promise of quality, and sustainable beef.